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Avail, Spun Out of Polygon, Launches Data Attestation Bridge to Ethereum

Avail, born from Polygon, is shaking things up with its latest offering: the data attestation bridge. This bridge is here to address the issue of costly data storage on Ethereum by offering a solution for layer 2s and 3s. Their goal is to enable the publishing of data off-chain, thereby reducing the substantial transaction fees associated with posting data directly on the main Ethereum blockchain. By adopting this approach, Avail aims to prevent congestion on the main Ethereum blockchain, allowing it to focus solely on executing and settling activities.

The Data Attestation Bridge

Avail's data attestation bridge connects Ethereum with zero-knowledge and optimistic rollups, allowing them to publish data off-chain. It's all about efficiency and scalability.

Layer 2 Rollups and Ethereum base

Avail tackles the data availability problem head-on by providing a direct connection between layer 2 rollups and the Ethereum base layer. The goal is to prove that the data exists and is accessible without clogging up the main blockchain.

But that's just the beginning! Avail has big plans for the layer 2 ecosystem. They want rollups to launch entirely on their network, including exciting solutions like Validium, which stores transaction data off-chain.


With the data attestation bridge, Avail is revolutionizing the way Ethereum handles data.

A recent incident involving Arkham Intelligence has caught the community's attention. Some customer emails became publicly available through decodable referral links shared during a token airdrop frenzy.

Arkham Twitter

Arkham, the blockchain data provider, had just announced an exciting on-chain intelligence exchange and a public token sale of their new ARKM token. As part of the airdrop, users shared referral codes to earn points. But here's the twist: sleuths were able to decode those links and uncover email addresses.

Kripto Twitter

Crypto Twitter quickly caught wind of the situation, with some users going on doxing sprees, sharing screenshots, and exposing emails. This raises concerns about potential phishing attacks and the privacy of previously anonymous crypto users.

Arkham Intelligence has yet to comment on the issue, but they acknowledged the problem. Stay tuned for updates on how they address this situation.

Remember, folks, stay vigilant and protect your personal information. Let's keep the crypto community safe and secure!

You Can Now Store Your Bitcoin Private Key as Colors

Get ready for a colorful twist in the world of Bitcoin security! Bitcoin developer Entero Positivo has unveiled an innovative tool called 'BIP39Colors.' It allows you to hide your Bitcoin key inside a vibrant rainbow.


Here's how it works: BIP39Colors converts your typical 12 or 24-word mnemonic phrase into a sequence of colors and vice versa. By using this method, you can transform your seed into a palette of 8 or 16 colors.

BIP39 to Colors

The best part? You can easily convert those colors back into your original seed.

Colors to BIP39

Traditionally, Bitcoin users wrote down their words on paper, which could be risky if seen by prying eyes. But with colors, it's a different story. Colors are everywhere and can be hidden in plain sight. Imagine storing your private key as a set of colors labeled as 'my new home wall colors' or tucked away in a website's style sheet.

These colors are represented by hex codes, allowing them to be stored across various files, like HTML or CSS. You don't even need to remember the order of the colors. As long as you have all the colors, you can recover your seed. This flexibility not only adds an extra layer of security but could also make it harder for governments to seize your Bitcoin.

So, get creative! Give colors to your loved ones, hide them in different places, and still be able to recover your Bitcoin when you need it. And the best part? You can even decode your BIP39 colors with just a calculator, no external tool is required.

Lightning Labs releases tools letting AI transact and hold Bitcoin

Lightning Labs has just announced a game-changing toolkit that allows AI applications, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, to seamlessly interact with the Bitcoin network.

OpenAI's ChatGPT

This means faster, cheaper, and easier payments for AI developers. They can now break free from traditional payment systems and embrace the lightning-fast capabilities of Bitcoin. With this toolkit, AI models can utilize Lightning's pay-per-use model and revolutionize the way payments are made.

We're entering a new era of innovation! Large language models have taken the world by storm, generating human-like responses and performing complex tasks. But they've faced a hurdle—a lack of native payment integration. Outdated methods like credit cards have burdened developers and users with additional costs.

But fear not! Lightning Labs has come to the rescue. Their tools, built on the lightning-native L402 protocol and powered by the Langchain library, pave the way for seamless AI-to-Bitcoin interactions. No more struggles with fiat systems and outdated monetization methods.

Lightning-native L402 Protocol

The possibilities are endless! AI companies can now tap into the power of Bitcoin for their payment needs. It's a match made in the digital heavens. Say goodbye to barriers and hello to a future where AI and Bitcoin join forces to drive innovation and revolutionize the way we transact.

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